What are penalties for theft in Virginia

According to Virginia laws theft is a serious crime. A person who convicts this offense is liable for serious punishment. The law has stated different types of theft and punishment is based on the category of the offense. The penalties on offense have no compromise and the offender not only as to face the jail and heavy fine buy he may lose his job as well as repute in the society. Penalties for theft in Virginia are based on following larceny offenses.

  • Theft of animals or poultry
  • Larceny of bank checks and notes
  • Unauthorized use of the aircraft, vehicle, animal or boat
  • Embezzlement
  • Stealing gold and other precious goods
  • Destruction of public records.
  • Taking possession of the merchandise.

The person who steals any one of the above things is liable for punishment according to the larceny laws of Virginia.

Penalties according to the type of the theft

Laws has categorized the penalties so the basis of the degree of the crime. No offender is free from the punishment he has to pay the fine as well as to go to jail. The penalties according to type of theft are

  • Petit larceny also knew as petty theft. It is theft of property under $200 or less than $5 when stolen directly from the person(robbery). The penalty for this crime is very low as compared to grand larceny. The offender has to go to jail for one year. The fine for this offense is up to $2500 and record in class 1 misdemeanor.
  • The grand larceny is the theft of more than $200 property or robbery of more than $5 from the person. The penalty for this offense is minimum one-year jail to 20 years depending on the level of the crime. He has to pay fine up to $2500.
  • Virginia laws also describe the penalties on second and third larceny. In that case, the offender may be sentenced to 30 days and has gone to jail up to one year. The third larceny comes in class 6 misdemeanor category with the minimum jail time of one year.

Virginia laws for theft are strict and allows no compromise on the penalties. In case if the victim claims more amount as compared to stolen, it is the responsibility of the offender to hire a lawyer otherwise he has to bear the charges more than offense.

Contact an attorney

If you or someone has been charged with the larceny offense, it is important to contact a legal advisor there are a number of law agencies present in Virginia. You can choose the competent legal advisor who can handle your case efficiently. The lawyer will identify the mitigating factors and other evidence through which he can make his file. Try to hire the well experienced and capable attorney who can understand your case and make proper planning to handle it. The capable lawyer will definitely help you in reducing your penalties and you will have to bear less punishment.