Warren Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer Cost

What Is Reckless Driving?

Before moving toward this term it is very important to know that what is reckless driving in Virginia. This term is defined under the Virginia code and it deals with the traffic interaction there. It is considered as a criminal offense rather than the moving violation.

According to the section number 46.2-852 any person who will drive any vehicle on the road or highways recklessly with maximum speed or in a manner that can become the cause of danger or harm for limb or people than the person will find the guilty for this crime. They have to face a charge of reckless driving. To save yourself from this charge you can hire a professional lawyer at an affordable speeding ticket lawyer cost for you.

Driving Behavior That Considered Reckless Driving In Virginia:

Under the traffic rules of Warren Virginia, there are many violations of the rules that can be considered as reckless driving in Virginia. An enforcement officer can arrest you in the following situations.

  • Failing to give the proper or complete signals
  • Driving any vehicle with damage, faulty or improper brakes
  • Failing right-of-way to yield
  • Burning rubbers of the vehicle or spinning wheels of it
  • Driving a vehicle that can be overloaded and create an obstacle to control
  • During driving place the person, limb or property into a dangerous situation
  • Doing racing on roads or high way
  • On one lane roadway driving your vehicle next to another
  • In excess of the speed limit spending over 20 mph or driving very fast than 80 mph instead of the posted limit speed
  • Driving too fast and rashly for the traffic condition and for the highway as well It also includes the illegal passing of the following things.
  • 2 vehicles at the same time
  • Intersection of highway
  • When there are pedestrians present
  • At crossing the railroad
  • On slopes or hills crest
  • In front of a stopped school bus
  • In the roadway approaching a curve

Cost Of The Lawyer In Virginia:

$46.2-862 speeding 20+ is the most common type that is over the speed limit and called reckless driving. Our reckless driving ticket lawyer will provides you defense against this charge in the court room. Here’s the list of speeding ticket lawyer cost In the Virginia.

  • Passing a vehicle at a grade or a crest ($46.2-854)
  • Passing or overtaking  an emergency vehicle ($46.2-829)
  • Doing racing on the highway ($46.2-865 )
  • Driving in a manner generally endangering others ($46.2-852)
  • Using improper brakes, or when a vehicle is not under control ($46.2-853.)
  • Passing a vehicle at a railroad ($46.2-858)
  • Driving too much fast on the highway or roads for traffic conditions ($46.2-861 )
  • Failing to give signal properly ($46.2-860)
  • Passing two vehicles at the same time ($46.2-856)
  • In a single lane driving two abreast ($46.2-857)
  • When merging onto highway, failure to yield right-of-way ($46.2-863)
  • Driving over 80 mph which can be out of limit ($46.2-862 $46.2-864)
  • Overloaded vehicle such as to interfere or obstruct with the control of driver ($46.2-855)
  • Passing a properly equipped or stopped school bus ($46.2-859)

Our professional lawyers in Warren Virginia provide you proper guide and defense as well.