Burglary laws in Alexandria Virginia

The laws pertaining to the burglary or theft are covered in Chapter 5, Section 18.2-89 to 18.2-94. The Burglary laws in Alexandria Virginia state that burglary is a criminal offence and will be punished more severely if the criminals have lethal weapons. In the Code of Virginia, there is a very specific definition of burglary, but has grouped some related crimes within the ‘statutory burglary’, section 18.2-90 and section 18.2-90. For any of the following crimes, the offender is automatically convicted of a serious Class 2 felony if he/she was armed at the time the crime was committed.

First, if a person is staying in a house at night with the intention of stealing or committing a crime, the person is guilty of theft under the section 18.2-89. Under Burglary laws in Alexandria Virginia, burglary is a penalty for a Class 3 felony only if the person does not have lethal weapons at the entrance of the house, but in another case, the person will be subjected to serious crimes of Class 2 as given in section 18.2-89. In the second scenario, if a person is unarmed during a burglary, he/she is convicted of a felony under the Class 3 felony and sentenced to 5-20 years in prison and fined $ 100,000 as stated under section 18.2-10(c). Thirdly, if the person is armed with lethal weapons during a robbery, he will be sentenced to 20 years in jail and a fine up to $ 100,000 as a Class 2 felony, section 18.2-10 (b).

These are three ways to introduce burglary in accordance with the Burglary laws in Alexandria Virginia, and the difference is the situations near the burglary and what the committer intends to commit. However, statutory burglary relates to anyone who enters in the home or building where the people lives, enters for night damage, enters during the day, enters and disappears at home, enters with or without damage and so on. In any of such circumstance, the intention can be related to murder, rape, rob, arson, steal anything, assault and battery.

In the Burglary laws in Alexandria Virginia, that person falls under the Class 3 felony will be sentenced as a criminal penalty for five to 20 years and may require paying a fine of up to the US $ 100,000. Besides, the person can also face penalties of twenty years in prison if he/she steals anything and will be liable to pay a fine up to $ 2,500. Moreover, if a person has any tool or equipment with the intention of committing theft, burglary or robbery, he/she will be punished according to the sections 18.2-94. Often, examples of theft tools comprise, but are not restricted to, levers, keys, gloves, screwdrivers, impact hammers and chisels.

The Burglary laws in Alexandria Virginia is a complex law to enforce, which is because it is problematic to prove the intent to commit robbery, burglary, or theft, even if you have tools for theft or clothing. If you are stuck in such situation, it is necessary for you to get the assistance of a professional lawyer as they can provide you with a better support and suggestion in the light of the certain set of laws that are applicable in the state of Virginia and particularly in Alexandria.